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OCT 13, 2021

Lies Tanghe

"A group of 7 completely different individuals, trying to turn the personal differences into a powerful force. A group that believes in the worth of stories, in the importance of the existence. A group that uses music to bring forward all of these elements"

Anyone who calls music and Italy in the same breath will soon no longer think of the earwig ‘Bella Ciao’. Corte di Lunas, an Italian folk rock band from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, is about to break out and everyone will have known this. With 5 albums, forces bundled together, a magical voice, fairy authenticity, limitless passion and many years of experience in the pocket, it would be a shame to let them stay within the limits of their country. Corte di Lunas is ready to win hearts and minds across borders. Enter their wondrous world and keep an eye on them, for they are going to leave footprints in your heart.

Who is Corte di Lunas?

Maria Teresa: One word: a challenge. A group of 7 completely different individuals, trying to turn the personal differences into a powerful force. A group that believes in the worth of stories, in the importance of the existence. A group that uses music to bring forward all of these elements.

Giordana: According to me, Corte di Lunas is a wonderful dream. When I started joining the project, 10 years ago, it gave me hope. The hope to be able to put music on the first place in my life. I started to feel emotions I never experienced before, to create a small world that I consider as my safe haven in the meantime.

Nicolas: On the moment I entered the group, some big changes were taking place. The situation was not all sunshine and rainbows but I felt ‘old’ elements could be the starting point of a rebirth. The difficulties turned the band into a unique clan.

Which song is a good introduction?

Nicolas: Difficult question. First I knew the band as a visitor, later as a musician. I even have considered some songs as important in the repertoire as a fan. As a member of the band, I believe ‘The Journey’ could describe us in the best possible way. The song is related to the past but shines its light on the future.

Maria Teresa: Absolutely! “The Journey” reflects us the most. It represents the power to adapt ourselves and to transform ourselves in the light of difficulties, to develop. With the soft, sweet vocal parts and energetic, powerful riffs, we want to spread a message of hope en braveness.

Why 3 languages?

Giordana: English, Italian and Frialian. If it were possible, I would sing in every language of the world. The fascination that is passed through the sounds of other languages doesn’t have limits for me. In the past, we even sang songs in Spanish and German. As a singer, the study of languages enriches me. The fact that we started using Friulian and Italian for the very first time, was a way to go back to the roots of our territory and to line with the concept of our latest album ‘Tales From the Brave Lands’ that is about stories and legends of our land.

Maria Teresa: Firstly we adore the universal dimension but at the same time, it is part of us to experiment. That’s why we used Friulian, the old language of our region. We thought that it could represent the voice of our ancestors like in the track “Tiare”. Who knows which experiences we will go through in the future!

7 band members, how do you experience working together?

Maria Teresa: It is a tiring journey sometimes but it’s an enriching one, without any doubt. Sometimes you get lost, only to realize that it was the right way. Sometimes we are 7 individuals that are running at different speeds. Sometimes we are a group that moves forward smoothly. This constant imbalance keeps us in motion, that’s a certainty. It pushes us much further, to a place where we would never get alone.


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Nicolas: “Don’t try this at home”. It is the strangest, funniest, most beautiful and stressful thing that you can imagine. We are comparable with the 7 dwarfs. Each individual has its own characteristics, influences, personality and its way to communicate. It happens, like with the song ‘Rosander’ that different influences create things which are normally unimaginable for one of us. Sometimes ‘conflicts’ occur, getting solved 4 to 3. Fortunately, technology helps us thanks to anonymous polls haha.

Giordana: bringing together, tuning and combining 7 different persons is an exciting operation. An eternal quest to exceed the own boundaries. Absolutely not easy to get along with and often very exhausting but above all: it’s very beautiful and precious.

The future?

Nicolas: “We have a dream”. We would love to play concerts abroad, in Europe, but in the meantime we are happy to work on the next album. Besides this, we still hope to get the chance to present the latest album called ‘Tales from the Brave Lands’ during a normal concert. Hugging people, celebrating without any distance.

Giordana: One of the things that I’ve always been a joyful factor related to our band, maybe even the most wonderful thing, is the possibility to meet awesome people. In every corner of Italy. Our plan is to continue this trend, also in Europe and in the wider world. In this period, we keep on writing and working on our new album that will be released next year.

What do you expect of your European tour?

Maria Teresa: Meeting people! Above, below or next to the stage. We cannot wait to see the impact of our music outside Italy, to meet other artists that walk the same pat hand to get in touch with other cultures. Personally I cannot wait to go back to Belgium, the country where I’ve lived for 2 years. Eternal love for carbonade flamande and Lambiek.

The logo is an oroboro but which animal represents your music?

Nicolas: We have joyful songs but also nervous and melancholic tunes. Altogether, I think there would appear a musical platypus. Is that possible?

Giordana: Interesting question. The animal should undoubtedly be a proud one. One that is not afraid to change. It has to have a kind voice to enchant people with its stories in combination with a powerful voice to reach distant lands. It must be able to look far away, but also within itself. An animal with a pure heart and big dreams. A white eagle!

Maria Teresa: Seven-headed dragons, do they exist?


Lies Tanghe

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